stefan glosnik

Krzy Krzysztof, Wac Toja - Zawsze Przed by DREAMKAST

see for yourself

As I said before, the game was not the only part of the @misja_dreamkast mixtape release. In November 2021 we spent 15 hours in a really weird place called Venecia Palace to shoot a music video for the single promoting the album. 

„Zawsze Przed” starring @krzy.krzysztof @wactoja @blackbeltgreg @dj_moyes

written, directed and edited by one and only @lukejascz assisted by also one and only @ankaszwec

shot by our team @kgonufry and Stefan Głośnik

drone operated by @creativedron

style: Hania Rędzia, Nikodem Rzucidło

production management: Ajsen, Black Belt Greg, Moyes

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