stefan glosnik

pestka - Z miłości

see for yourself

Sorry for mockups – been to lazy to take the actual photos!

In 2021 I was playing in Seweryn’s band. We had just started performing and one day a girl named Kasia told us she’d wanted to do another project with us. She had a few songs started and wanted to arrange them for a bigger band. That’s how pestka started.

In less than one year, an album was created. I had the opportunity to record some parts, but my biggest role was to create a cover design.

A concept was given by Kasia, I guess – we wanted to recreate some old 70s’ family photo. We asked Kacper Gasiewicz to take the photo and with assist from Grzesiu Mularski he did it perfectly, making my job way easier.

cover & packaging design: Stefan Głośnik
photo: Kacper Gasiewicz
assist: Grzesiu Mularski

listen to "Z miłości" by pestka:

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