stefan glosnik

Holak ft. Mlody Leszcz - Nóż w serce

see for yourself

In February 2022, we had just moved into our new apartament (together with Kacper Gasiewicz & Kacper Antoszewski), when the next day Holak and Mlody Leszcz came over to shoot their new video.

The video was shot over two days – monday and tuesday – and then edited by night, starting on wednesday and finishing on thursday morning to finally have a prescreening at Fyrtel thursday evening. It was quite a ride, but also an amazing experience. Milena Jurczyk created a unique characterization of big steel knives being stuck in Holak’s and Leszcz’s hearts. 


directed by Holak, Wideokompozycje
produced & shot by Stefan Głośnik, Kacper Gasiewicz
edited by Stefan Głośnik, Mateusz Holak
makeup, hair & characterization: Milena Jurczyk
assist: Kacper Antoszewski 
tattoo girl: Kornelia Wałczyk
knives preparation: Wiktor Tomaszewski

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