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Seweryn - Kieszeń pełna niczego

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The „Kieszeń pełna niczego” project by Seweryn, a 19 years old indie musician, on which I worked as the art director. The lyrical layer of the album is very important. Seweryn wrote all the songs basing on certain moments of his life, his emotions and insights. That’s why we created a whole universe of symbols relating to the album’s themes and we continue to use them throughout the project. The main artwork of the album is an acrylic painting on 40×40 cm canvas, hand painted by me. Every song of the album is symbolically represented in the artwork, as well as every element of it is related to at least one song – nothing is left without a meaning. I have the whole CD packaging with a booklet and a set of stickers. As KUW we have also produced a music video for one of the singles form album. Currently, I am also a drummer for Seweryn’s band playing live arrangements of his songs.


I was also responsible for designing merchandise for the album.

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