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Little known fact – apart from my creative work, I also have a bachelor’s degree in multimedia systems with diploma in audio in game programming. Last year I came up with an idea to combine my skills and create a game as a part of an album release. I talked about it with @lukejascz and in a few days i received a call that it might be possible to do.

Finally, in December 2021, we finished „MISJA DREAMKAST”, our 20-level retro platform game inspired by classics like „Maniac Mansion” and „Zone Runner”. It features @blackbeltgreg @krzy.krzysztof @dj_moyes and @wactojaas playable characters and 8-bit versions of tracks from @misja_dreamkast „Zawsze Przed” mixtape as soundtrack. The game and the music video we also made (more about that soon) are both part of the mixtape release.

Check it out at misjadreamkast.pl

concept & design: @lukejascz & me
pixel arts & cover art: @ankaszwec

developed and single-handedly coded by me using solutions developed with @mareckiee for our diploma project

check it out on GitHub:

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