stefan glosnik

babyhats - Chocolate Cake

see for yourself

„chocolate cake” by @babyhats.official was one of the most exhausting but also most satisfying videos to make

we started shooting in july 2021 and finished in october – to finish the video we had to spend two nights in the forest (one warm night in july and one not really that warm in october)

having fought broken generators, covid and other viruses delaying the shoots, we have finally managed to finish with @pj.cake entering the lake at 2 degrees celsius

I am very glad I could work with such an amazing band🥰

full credits:
music video by @wideokompozycje
shot and edited by @stefanglosnik @kgonufry @wolskeyy
performed by @babyhats.official @pj.cake @wojdeg@maciekchrzeszczyk @guitarthoughts
assist @barteeeqqq @toniu_777
generator slapping specialist @donnextsimon
smoke artist @bannanjestem
coffee supply & accommodation management: Barbara Wojda & Piotr Wojda
animation @julkaczarna_stuff
special thanks to @zdvnczuk

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